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Pelubang Gasket

Selling Valqua Gasket Packing Products from Packing Resources sells Valqua Gasket Packing products and also PVC Blinds, Tombo Gaskets, Teflon Sheets, PVC Curtain, Rockwool, and PVC Plastic Curtains. For supply and demand, please contact us.

Specifications of VALQUA KNIFE
Gland Packing Extractor

This is a set of tools that are easy to use for just cutting flanges
gaskets at construction sites or in shop assembly work. The supporting iron has its own scale mark, which allows easy and accurate determination of dimensions. Using a supporting iron (500L) which is sold separately, it is possible to cut gaskets by 1,000 mm. It is highly recommended to maintain this tool as an indispensable workshop item not only in the maintenance department of chemical plants, oil refineries or iron factories, but also in machine assembly shops or equipment manufacturers and in pipe laying companies. Minimum diameter: 50 mm Maximum diameter: 540mm . By using supporting iron (500 L) which is sold separately, it is possible to cut gaskets by 1,000mm.

Pelubang Gasket

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